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Jordi Galceran

The ocean, vacation, long days at the beach, cold champagne at night, a wedding anniversary at a Mexican resort in Cancún with life-long friends… A safety net of dolce vita that people have been weaving so desperately can no longer hold back questions that arise from the past. Car keys that were hidden at a pivotal moment a long time ago determined that right now these couples are having their silver wedding; however, one free car on that decisive night could have changed the course of destiny and brought together different people. Everything could have been different – work, children. “If you hadn’t done that, the four of us might have still been here right now, but paired up differently. I mean, who knows, whether…” Nothing criminal, let alone unnatural. The most impossible things always happen in a person’s head and mind. How would you like to go back in time – having been through what you’ve been through and knowing what you know now – and to decide again whether to hide the car keys or not?

Lavastaja Hendrik Toompere jr
Kunstnik Riina Degtjarenko
Tõlkinud Margus Alver

Osades: Kaie Mihkelson, Ülle Kaljuste, Peeter Oja (külalisena), Jaan Rekkor.

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