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First Love

Andra Teede

The documentary stage production First Love talks about love stories of people who were born at the same time as the first independent Republic of Estonia, along with the new freedom that it brought. It talks about the love of the young and the old, about former and current conditions. Do the young people of today meet only in Tinder? Why do marriages break up nowadays? Did people wait until their wedding in the 1940s? Where did young lovers spend time when the country had been bombed and deserted? What is the feeling of falling in love for the first time? What does it taste like? Was it dreadful as well?

The play’s director Mari-Liis Lill and author Andra Teede are both known as authors of social documentary theatre. This time the play talks about love. Warm, sweet, beautiful, painful and unbearable love. That first love that actually determines all the other ones that follow.

Premiere: 28 March 2020 on the Small Stage.

Director: Mari-Liis Lill (guest)
Art director: Nele Sooväli (guest)
Lighting designer: Priidu Adlas (guest)
Choreographer: Ingmar Jõela (guest)
Composer: Veiko Tubin (guest)

Cast: Christopher Rajaveer, Karmo Nigula, Teele Pärn, Marian Heinat, Kaie Mihkelson, Martin Veinmann.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
28.03.202019:00esietendusSmall stage
31.03.202019:00Small stage
07.04.202019:00Small stage
08.04.202019:00Small stage
23.04.202019:00Small stage
25.04.202019:00Small stage
28.04.202019:00Small stage