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The Grönholm Method

Jordi Galceran

The Grönholm Method by modern Catalan playwright Jordi Galceran is a stunningly truthful story about the modern business elite. This story could be seen as a training course for people who conduct job interviews. How to find a business manager with best possible characteristics? How to find a leader? Who is a leader? World-famous Swedish scientist Grönholm has devised a series of perfect tests that are used by all big corporations nowadays in the final stages of the hiring process. Candidates are presented with playful and crafty tasks. Their improvisations during job interviews are assessed with the help of a model of impeccable logic. People become transparent in this game and their motives become mercilessly clear to us. This is the real life. Funny, amazing and full of surprises like crime fiction. That’s life. To be honest, what goes on in Estonian enterprises and training courses is a child’s play compared to that. Grönholm is the absolute matrix.

Lavastaja Hendrik Toompere
Kunstnik Riina Degtjarenko
Tõlkinud Margus Alver

Osades: Margus Prangel, Jan Uuspõld, Raimo Pass, Harriet Toompere.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage