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Nina Raine

Billy was born deaf, as the third child of a family of hearers. His parents have a peculiar understanding that a deaf child has to be raised like the others so not paying attention to his deafness. Billy learned to read lips brilliantly but not to use sign language. But physical deafness and hearing is only one and maybe not the main part of communication, hearing and listening and hearing out and listening to are different things. As well as in Billy’s family, where instead of talking to each other rather sound vain monologues. Where communicating consists rather of fighting and performing than in trying to understand and accept. Where deaf Billy may be the only one who actually listens. Billy can look at his family and his deafness with a new view after meeting a woman, who contrary to himself has been born as a hearing child of deaf parents but is losing hearing over time. Billy finds a sense of belonging in the deaf community that home did not offer.

„Tribes“ speaks about human contact:  some do not hear others due to their physical disability but some due to emotional deafness because they do not know how to hear someone out.

The author of the play Nina Raine has spoken about the story of origin of the play, that she saw a documentary about a deaf couple that was expecting a child and hoping that the child would also be born deaf. A family is like a tribe, which wants to pass its values, beliefs and language on to children.

The play first premiered in the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2010.

Premiere 21st September 2014 in the small hall.

Lavastaja Priit Pedajas
Kunstnik Riina Degtjarenko
Tõlkinud Krista Kaer

Osades Tõnu Oja, Kaie Mihkelson, Piret Krumm, Tiit Sukk, Pääru Oja, Marta Laan.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage