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Fully Committed

Becky Mode

Sam works in a shabby-looking basement room where there are no signs of a trendy luxury restaurant located upstairs. Yet Sam is the one who books tables for the crème de la crème of the big city with his ten phones behind his table in a tiny room. By the way, the restaurant is a real hot spot – it is booked up two months in advance! But of course there are always people who think that THEY should get a table immediately. Extortion, lies, flattery, threats, insults – Sam hears all this things during one crazy workday. And not only from customers but also from an egotistical chef and stressed out waiters-administrators. “Could you please hold on for a second...” Just as Sam has five calls on hold, every one of which is about to turn into a scandal, Sam’s father calls simply to talk to his son and to tell him that he’d really like him home for Christmas...

One actor plays 40 different parts – women and men, superstars and millionaires, fortune hunters and unilingual tourists…

Lavastaja Priit Pedajas
Kunstnik Riina Degtjarenko
Tõlkinud Kaisa Kaer

Mängib Taavi Teplenkov

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