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Martin Algus

In 2010 Contact won the main prize in the Estonian category at the New Baltic Drama 2011 competition.

In Contact chance encounters and collisions make characters in several countries bordering the Baltic Sea look into themselves, get back in touch with themselves and open up in order to move on with their lives and step out of their cocoons. It is a universal story about the desire to be in touch with oneself and with the world.

Lavastaja Ingomar Vihmar
Kunstnik Illimar Vihmar (külalisena)

Osades Kleer Maibaum-Vihmar (külalisena), Kristo Viiding või Roland Laos, Ain Lutsepp, Jaan Rekkor, Marta Laan, Märt Avandi, Maria Avdjushko, Martin Algus (külalisena) või Indrek Sammul.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage