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The golden Lurich

Mika Keränen

„Is it true that you have something like a detective agency?“ This call is received one beautiful day by the secret society Ramps of Supilinn from the Estonian Sports Museum, where a mystical theft has taken place. A gold statue of the famous strongman Georg Lurich was being prepared in the museum in big secrecy – and it has now gone missing from the closed room! It is dead certain it has not been taken out of there and there seem to be no direct suspects. But because the members of the secret society have gained a lot of fame around Tartu with their successful investigation stories to date, Mari, Reilika, Sadu, Olav and Anton are now invited to help. It takes a lot of cooperation, courage and cleverness – and the beautiful hometown Tartu opens from a completely unexpected viewpoint in front of the children…
In the Estonian Drama Theatre Ingomar Vihmar has dramatised and staged Mika Keränen’s books „The stolen orange bicycle“ (2010) and „The old pink house“ (2012), also published in the book series are „The hidden silver treasure chest“ (Cultural Endowment of Estonia 2009 annual prize for the best children’s book), „The mysterious flower pincher“ and „Professor Black“. The 6th book in Keränen’s series of children’s crime stories „The golden Lurich“ will make it to the theatre stage as well as between covers in autumn 2014.

Premiere 2nd November 2014 in the Big hall.

Lavastaja ja dramatiseerija Ingomar Vihmar
Kunstnik Illimar Vihmar (külalisena)
Valguskunstnik Triin Suvi
Videokunstnik Sander Tuvikene
Liikumisjuht Rauno Zubko (külalisena)

Osades Mari-Liis Lill või Liisa Pulk, Hilje Murel, Ursula Ratasepp (Tallinna Linnateater), Pääru Oja, Robert Annus, Mari Lill, Kersti Kreismann, Ester Pajusoo, Tõnu Oja, Tiit Sukk, Martin Veinmann, Tõnu Aav, Ingomar Vihmar (Endla), Markus Luik, Kleer Maibaum-Vihmar (Endla).

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage