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Jordi Galceran

The corrupt schemes of a government minister have been leaked to the public. And he has just recently divorced his wife. He sits in his luxurious villa contemplating suicide as he waits for a high-class prostitute to arrive as his last companion (but a travelling salesman selling guards for gas burners knocks at the door instead). No-no, this is not an election time sensational news item from some Estonian Internet portal. This is how Jordi Galceran, the best-known Catalan comedy writer, begins his play Leak. What happens next simply cannot and must not be revealed in advance – because the audience must not be deprived of all the suspense, surprise and pleasure of recognition! Besides, such a dizzying array of funny things happens in the play.
Whoever has seen Hendrik Toompere’s stage productions at the Estonian Drama Theatre of The Grönholm Method and Cancún will be familiar with Galceran’s style. He starts with an everyday situation that is topical in society but then uses all of his magnificent comedy resources to confuse his audiences but also to provide them with enjoyment: nothing is really how it first appears to be.
Jordi Galceran (born in 1964) is a Catalan playwright, screenplay writer and translator who writes in both Catalan and Spanish. He is the most successful Catalan writer of comedy of the past fifty years who has earned several theatre awards in Spain and whose works are performed in very many countries. Galceran himself has said: “In my opinion, theatre should entertain. This means tearing the spectator out of his reality and bringing him into a world that you have made for him. That is what entertainment is, a pastime. Entertainment is not at all simple. Sometimes it is said that if a performance entertains, then at least that is a good thing, as if it were a trivial matter. It is very difficult to entertain an audience. The most difficult thing to do is to continually keep the audience in suspense for an hour and a half. If you can do that, everything else falls into place on its own: if you like, you can add flashbacks and talk about your childhood.” (Excerpt from the foreword to Leak published in 2013 in the Estonian Theatre Agency collection of Spanish and Catalan plays.)

Premiere on 8 December 2013 in the large theatre hall.

Director Hendrik Toompere Jr.
Art Director Riina Degtjarenko
Translated by Margus Alver

Cast Merle Palmiste, Marta Laan, Jan Uuspõld, Sulev Teppart (guest), Lauri Kaldoja (guest).

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage