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Where do Stripes Come From?

Urmas Vadi

Little Eduard sees a revelation at Muuga Manor, where Eduard Vilde got his ‘first stripes’ (got the strap for the first time): a statue of Venus towers in the palace vestibule. Regardless of the fact that she has no hands, Venus is so big and beautiful, naked and unattainable. Eduard promises himself to find that woman and begins his quest for Venus, which leaves lots of stripes in his heart and caresses his soul.

Eduard Vilde’s life and the characters of his books intertwine in the play. Suddenly – when he wants to start writing in peace in his home, which Estonia’s government has promised him for a long time and has finally given to him – all of Vilde’s wives drop into his study. There are so many of them that they can hardly fit into the room.

His first wife comes and threatens to kill herself using morphine. His second wife is present the whole time and is busy hiding revolvers belonging to revolutionaries in their roasting oven. A captivating Jewess arrives in the evening of his life and makes old Vilde’s weary heart wobble like a car that has blown out a tire on a highway. Additionally, his father comes, because of whom Vilde was called the overseer’s son, Konstantin Päts and Juhan Liiv appear, peasants coming from the Mahtra Uprising ask him to write about the injustice they have been subjected to, Ludvig Sander and Tiit Piibeleht, Eeva Marland make appearances, and the Mäeküla milkman with his milk pail…

Premiere: 14 March 2020 at the Eduard Vilde Museum in Kadriorg (Roheline aas 3).

Director and art director: Urmas Vadi
Cast: Inga Salurand, Indrek Sammul, Kristo Viiding.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
14.03.202019:00esietendusEduard Vilde muuseumis
19.03.202019:00reserveeritud etendusEduard Vilde muuseumis
21.03.202019:00Eduard Vilde muuseumis
07.04.202019:00reseveeritud etendusEduard Vilde muuseumis
08.04.202019:00Eduard Vilde muuseumis
09.04.202019:00Eduard Vilde muuseumis
16.04.202019:00Eduard Vilde muuseumis
17.04.202019:00Eduard Vilde muuseumis
18.04.202019:00Eduard Vilde muuseumis