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The Learned Ladies


The students of the 28th class of the School of Theatre Arts have thus far come into contact with very widely varying materials and directors in their schoolwork. They have studied physical and visual theatre, and worked with historical sources and runic songs, as well as with documentary and autobiographical material. Now a play in verse that is a worldwide classic is brought before the public under the supervision of director Lembit Peterson, for whom Molière (1622–1673) is one of the most important authors. Peterson has staged Molière’s plays many times over the course of his career in theatre. Even now, the Estonian Drama Theatre’s repertoire currently also features Tartuffe, a play that considers the difference between what is real and what only seems to be real and thus is also clearly associated with the theme of The Learned Ladies. Seeming or false erudition prevents a person from trusting actual knowledge and his natural feelings. Molière wrote The Learned Ladies in 1672. Three and a half centuries later, we recognise that his irony regarding phony scholarliness, in other words superficiality, evoking favourable impressions, vanity and bias, is unfortunately just as topical now as it was then.

Premiere: 24 November 2017 on the Small Stage.

Director: Lembit Peterson (Theatrum)
Art Director: Mae Kivilo (guest appearance)
Translated by Ott Ojamaa

Bachelors’ diploma stage production of the 28th class of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre School of Theatre Arts. The cast consists of the students Kirill Havanski, Ingmar Jõela, Laura Kukk, Ingrid Margus, Jane Napp, Jaanus Nuutre, Dovydas Pabarcius, Steffi Pähn, Teele Pärn, Sander Roosimägi, Ilo-Ann Saarepera, Johannes Richard Sepping, Nils Mattias Steinberg, Markus Truup, Joosep Uus, Johan Elm, Jan Teevet. Course supervisors Anne Türnpu and Mart Koldits.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage