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The Solar Line

Ivan Võrõpajev

Seven years of marriage. Unfathomable love. Impenetrable incomprehension. Tenderness and cruelty. And that night comes when the woman and the man talk at the kitchen table from evening to morning, trying to cross the solar line that separates them, the wall that threatens to leave them on opposite sides. One conversation, but with life and death implications. Ivan Vyrypaev has said that he wanted to show mechanisms why people who are close to one another cannot find contact with each other – they can be banal (we don’t listen to the person we are talking with and we interrupt them) and also based on principle (we perceive reality differently). And the objective of his play is therapeutic, the viewer can work through those mechanisms in the theatre. Incidentally, Ivan Vyrypaev dedicated The Solar Line to his wife.

Premiere: 16 November 2018 in the Painting Hall.

Director and Art Director: Hendrik Toompere Jr.
Translated by Margus Alver

Cast Harriet Toompere and Nikolai Bentsler

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
28.01.202019:00Paintshop stage
31.01.202019:00Paintshop stage
07.02.202019:00Paintshop stage
12.02.202019:00Paintshop stage
13.02.202019:00Paintshop stage
19.02.202019:00Paintshop stage
21.02.202019:00reserveeritud etendusPaintshop stage
17.03.202019:00Paintshop stage
20.03.202019:00Paintshop stage
24.03.202019:00Paintshop stage
02.04.202019:00Paintshop stage
04.04.202019:00Paintshop stage
14.04.202019:00Paintshop stage
15.04.202019:00Paintshop stage
28.04.202019:00Paintshop stage