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Cash On Delivery

Michael Cooney

What does a person whose father is a famous writer do? He writes, of course! Michael Cooney, the plays of whose father Ray Cooney have also been staged in the Estonian Darma Theatre (It Runs in the Family, Two into One), is a successful author of TV scripts, children’s books and plays. His farce Cash on Delivery, which has been dubbed a modern classic by English critics, is a proof of how well and thoroughly Michael Cooney knows the rules of boulevard comedy.

Landlord Eric Swan has been conning the social welfare system for quite some time, cashing in various social benefits for his fictitious tenants. Just when he finally decides to end the scam, a social assistant shows up, requesting a signature from a tenant who doesn’t exist. Someone has to play the part of the fictitious tenant and so a series of comedic events begin, full of mix-ups, supposed dead bodies and crazy misunderstandings.

Ray Cooney, the father of the author of the play, first staged the play in 1996 in Whitehall Theatre in London.

Lavastaja Andrus Vaarik
Kunstnik Pille Jänes
Muusikaline kujundaja Andrus Vaarik
Tõlkinud Hannes Villemson

Osades: Mait Malmsten, Liisa Saaremäel või Maria Avdjushko (külalisena), Tiit Sukk, Ain Lutsepp, Jan Uuspõld (külalisena) või Martin Veinmann, Viire Valdma, Raimo Pass, Jüri Tiidus või Ivo Uukkivi, Kersti Kreismann või Kaie Mihkelson, Pille Lukin (külalisena) või Hilje Murel.

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