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Fear every raindrop

Tiit Aleksejev

A man and a woman have worked on foreign missions together. One of the missions goes awry and it leads to questions that demand answers. This is a story about love, betrayal and ties that are not easy to unentwine. They say that there are no random encounters. This could mean that two people who were meant for each other meet. But it could also mean a victim meeting the executioner.

Premiere on 12 May 2018, in the Small stage.

Director Madis Kalmet
Artist Jaanus Laagriküll
Light design Priidu Adlas (Vaba Lava)
Video design Ann Einberg ja Tauno Makke
Musical production Peeter Konovalov (Ugala)

Cast Guido Kangur, Inga Salurand, Robert Annus, Markus Luik, Janno Jaanus

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage