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Five O’clock is Tea Time

Graham Linehan

This performance has one intermission and runs 2 hours and 15 minutes.

A large old, run-down house right beside the railroad tracks. When trains pass by, the house shakes and rattles, and the lights go out...As one of the characters says: this house has character! Like Wilberforce, the old lady that owns it, who lives alone in that strange house with her ailing parakeet.
And then it begins, tenants arrive – a male quintet looking for a place for its rehearsals. The gullible mistress of the house is thrilled...until she starts to realise what the actual background of the tenants is; the musicians turn out to be criminals, men planning an extremely clever bank robbery.
Criminal comedies or comical whodunits, however one may prefer to call it, are a stylish and demanding genre. Ita Ever, who plays the role of the old lady Wilberforce, is celebrating 60 years on stage in 2013. She is seconded by an ensemble of truly masterful actors: Lembit Ulfsak, Ain Lutsepp, Tõnu Kark, Martin Veinmann, Egon Nuter and others.

Premiere on 3 November 2013 in the large theatre hall.

Director Roman Baskin (guest)
Art Director Maret Tamme (guest)
Lighting Designer Margus Vaigur (guest)

Cast Ita Ever, Lembit Ulfsak, Martin Veinmann, Jüri Tiidus, Tõnu Kark, Ain Lutsepp, Ester Pajusoo, Egon Nuter (guest).

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage