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An Hour to Be Touched

Kristel Leesmend

There is no intermission and the play lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

A woman is about to meet a person who has had a great impact on her life. She takes a moment in order to cope with mixed feelings and an unexpected situation. A moment becomes an hour during which she acts out the whole meeting.
An Hour to Be Touched won a prize last summer at the Monomaffia festival and at the monologue competition held by the Estonian Theatre Agency. The judges noted that monologues are quite rare in Estonian theatres and much more plays have been written for men, but this prized play offers a great touching role precisely to an actress.
It is a story about the need for intimacy and the fear of it, about the traps of gender roles and soulless behavioural patterns, about the possibility to mean something to someone and to be somebody, about hidden violence in relationships, about forgiveness and the ability to understand it, about a world where people communicate with imaginary people, about loneliness. The heroine of the story yearns to break free from the imposed patterns and to find a way that leads to the truth.

Mängib Viire Valdma
Lavastaja Kristel Leesmend
Kunstnik Nele Sooväli
Muusikaline kujundaja Tõnis Leemets


Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage