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Little Goddess

Izumi Ashizawa

The Japanese director Izumi Ashizawa has drawn inspiration for creating her text and stage production from many sources. Among them are a character named Hikari from one of her earlier stage productions, historical information on human sacrifices in Nepal and also the tradition found there of the so-called living goddess Kumari Devi (an underage girl is chosen and raised to the status of a goddess until the time when she begins to menstruate), the ritual marriage of girls in with gods India (which means child-sex slave status), Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay’s story Goddess, the film Pan’s Labyrinth, the animistic perception of life in Japanese shintoism, and Haruki Murakami’s world of magical realism.

Izumi Ashizawa teaches directing and devising-theatre (using traditional subject matter) at New York University. She tells stories in theatre using physical self-expression, puppets and objects. Her teaching is based on the technique of motion from Japanese physical performance arts.

Premiere: 26 January 2018 on the Small Stage.

Author and Director: Izumi Ashizawa (Japan)
Art Director: Kristjan Suits
Lighting Designer: Triin Suvi
Director’s Assistant: Sylvia Köster

Cast: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EMTA) School of Theatre Arts master’s candidates in physical theatre Kersti Heinloo, Jaanika Tammaru, Martin Mill, Tanel Saar, Raho Aadla, Agur Seim, Mait Joorits and students Laura Kukk and Dovydas Pabarcius from the 28th class of the EMTA School of Theatre Arts. The supervisor of the master’s course is Professor Jüri Nael.

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre master’s candidates in contemporary improvisation Michael Anton Sagulin (viola), Saara Johannan Viika (cello), Satu Marjaana Tillanen (trombone, vocals, voice improvisation), Tua Sofia Hakanpää (voice) and Karolin Kõrre (voice) participate as musicians. Their supervisors are EMTA Centre of Contemporary Music and Improvisation professors Anne-Liis Poll and Anto Pett.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage
25.03.201819:00EMTA magistrantide lavastus, viimaseid kordiSmall stage
09.04.201819:00EMTA magistrantide lavastus, viimaseid kordiSmall stage
22.04.201819:00EMTA magistrantide lavastus, viimast kordaSmall stage