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An Old Pink House

Mika Keränen

Mika Keränen has written several Estonian detective stories for children that have already turned into a series of books: Stolen Orange Bike (Varastatud oranz ratas), Hidden Silver Treasure Chest (Peidetud hõbedane aardelaegas), An Old Pink House (Vana roosa maja), Mysterious Flower Thief (Salapärane lillenäppaja). Ingomar Vihmar brought the first of these to the Estonian Drama Theatre stage in 2010 and now it is the turn of the mystery of the old pink house to make an appearance on the stage. We meet again with a secret club called Ramps who solves criminal cases in Supilinn. An unknown garden is a real jungle and strange voices can be heard from the abandoned house looming in the midst of nettle… However, the children happen to have the right amount of bravery, brains and heart necessary for solving mysteries, and even more importantly, they overcome all the hardships together! Children in the primary school, who are the same age as the members of the secret club, can definitely identify with a lot of elements in the play, but their parents and younger siblings are sure to be entertained as well.

Lavastaja Ingomar Vihmar
Kunstnik Liina Unt (külalisena)
Helilooja Andre Pichen
Valguskunstnik Martin Makarevitš (külalisena)
Liikumisjuht Rauno Zubko (külalisena)

Osades Mari-Liis Lill (külalisena), Marta Laan, Piret Krumm, Jüri Tiidus, Veljo Reinik (külalisena), Märt Avandi (Endla), Ester Pajusoo, Merle Palmiste, Kersti Heinloo või Maria Avdjushko (küalisena) või Viire Valdma, Ingomar Vihmar (Endla).

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage