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In the Last Minute

Carin Mannheimer

The performance has one intermission and runs 2 hours and 55 minutes.

This play revolves around three ladies who are somewhere around 80 years old. But it’s no nursing home – they are upper middle class dames trying to hold on to the life they’ve grown accustomed to. They are old, but not very sick; they forget things, but they are not suffering from Alzheimer’s; they have enough money and they love a good wine and playing bridge. They can manage on their own, but maybe not for very much longer. Something needs to change; something must be done. The title of the comedy comes from Marianne’s last line at the bridge table: “Have you ever thought about how, at our age, one can do absolutely anything... because absolutely no one cares in the least! And yet, here we sit. On a sunny day. Darn it, in our very last minute. Three crones!”

Premiere on January 25, 2015 in the small hall. 

Director Aleksander Eelmaa (Tallinn City Theatre)
Art Director 
Krista Tool (guest)
Lighting Designer 
Priidu Adlas (Vaba Lava)
Musical Designer
Lauri-Dag Tüür (guest)
Anu Saluäär-Kall

Cast Kaie Mihkelson, Maria Klenskaja, Ülle Kaljuste, Markus Luik, Raimo Pass, Harriet Toompere.

Dates Start time Kirjeldus Stage